Often referred to simply as Islands, its full name is descriptive and accurate. Served in a cheerful, tropically themed atmosphere, Islands’ burgers are among the best available, as are their vegetarian versions, and come with several themed condiment combinations.

    The fries are not too greasy, and many excellent sauces are available to go with them, but they are served in baskets big enough that they must be shared or part of them taken home.

    Along with the everyday soft drinks, Islands serves an array of quality tropical alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The experience of the Lava Flow, for example, can only be described as closely akin to drinking a cheesecake in the best possible way.

    Islands also used to feature a variety of chicken options, but in a recent professed anniversary celebration, the menu has been revised and most of the non-burger items eliminated.

    Dessert is still exceptional, particularly the Kona Pie, a mocha ice cream cake with an Oreo crust that could tempt the most satiated diner.

    In the case of large groups with varying tastes, a better option in Old Town Pasadena would be Barney’s Beanery, with its equally fine burgers and much wider selection, and for students, families, and anyone else with a tight budget, Wolfe Burgers, also in Pasadena, with its cheaper but comparable beef, turkey, and veggie burgers, more casual atmosphere, and outdoors-indoors theme, may be a better option.

    For fine burgers and drinks, Islands is still top-notch, but taking into account its prices, I can only give this formerly five-star establishment three and a half stars out of five.