While the wolf theme set up by the founder’s convenient last name is used only jokingly, the prominent theme of indoor plant décor allows the guest to feel as if he or she is picnicking in the woods, except that the food is not cold from a journey.

    Although a typical, casual burger joint in many ways, Wolfe Burgers allows customers to dress their beef, turkey, or veggie burgers to fit their own tastes at a small condiment bar, and will provide additional condiments, including grilled onions and avocado, on request.

    There are also Mexican options, sandwiches, hot dogs, and a large breakfast menu.

    In addition to traditional fries and onion rings, Wolfe Burgers serves deep-fried mushrooms, breaded and lightly seasoned with a well-placed hint of cinnamon. One leaves the table with a mild case of the greasy, sedentary feeling that so often accompanies American food, but in this case it is not so much the food as it is the quantity one is likely to consume once having tasted it that is to blame.

    An excellent value for the money, I give it four stars out of five.