Barney’s Beanery is one of very few restaurants that really do have something for the whole family. Printed as a newspaper to accommodate its size, the menu encompasses many different kinds of cuisine.

    The hamburgers, far from the basic choice they appear to be, are available with every imaginable combination of condiments, with beef, turkey, or veggie patties, and come with thick, seasoned fries that are far from ordinary.

    There are Italian and Mexican options, as well as American chicken and seafood, all done as well as an ordinary restaurant’s specialty. Breakfast is served all day, including omelettes with as many combinations of ingredients as there are for the hamburgers. Although it would be an impressive feat for one person to sample all that Barney’s has to offer, it seems that all it does it does superbly.

    The food is accompanied by friendly service and a ‘60s retro atmosphere. The tables are collages of famous faces, there are license plates on the walls from every state, and a few booths are inside a double-decker bus. There are televisions in and around the bar area, so non-sports fans may find it uncomfortably crowded during football games. Other than this, the only drawback one may encounter there is severe indecision, so I give it five stars out of five.