This work seems to have vanished from the net and clearly deserves to be there. Raven did grant us permission long ago to publish his material, so here it is.

A Voyage to Middle-Earth (c) 1986, C. M. Joserlin

Find me a ship that can sail on the sea
Whose waves are the passed-away years,
Over the Ocean of Dreams — let it be
Sweet Middle-Earth’s shore that she nears.

Voyage to Ennorath, tree-tangled land,
To find my old friends faring well,
Take dwarf, elf, hobbit, and wizard by hand,
And hear what new tales they will tell;

Wander in Lorien, try to console
Galadriel’s elven lament;
Party with Bombadil, merry old soul;
At leisure converse with an Ent;

Fly with the Eagles, look down on the graves
Where Dragon or Balrog once fell;
Stand on the shore and look over the waves
Toward where the Valar now dwell;

Journey to mead-halls astride on the steeds
Of Rohan, that race like the wind;
Hark to the harpers, and hear of the deeds
Of those who sought virtue — or sinned;

Listen to lore of the long-ago times
Before Sauron dared to attack;
Hear how his creatures accomplished his crimes,
And how the Free Folk fought him back;

Join in the praise of the courage they showed
By facing the fell, fearsome foe;
Joy in the peace and the freedom bestowed
On good folk, to flourish and grow;

Let me sing with them the songs of the Quest,
The heroes, the brave and the fair;
Let me hear legends of Middle-Earth’s best…
But, most of all, let me be there!