A typical ‘50s nostalgia diner with an emphasis on Coca-Cola, The Rocky Cola Café specializes in greasy, deep-fried American foods, and does them reasonably well. The chicken and fish are over-battered, leaving one feeling heavy, lethargic, and vaguely ill, but that is more or less the gastronomic fashion it follows.

    It is a decent place to bring children who cannot be persuaded to try anything but traditional American food, but for adults it is more appetizing the less it is contemplated, despite how amusing the spectacle of a cockroach crawling across a grade A health inspector sign may be.

    True to its name, the Coca-Cola at the Rocky Cola Cafe is less watered down than in many diners and fast food places, and tastes closer to the bottled version, and worthy to be poured into their Coca-Cola brand glasses.

    Unremarkable is the best one-word description of the place, and I give it three stars out of five.