A casual place with a light, summery feel, Goldstein’s Bagels adheres to its field of bagels and bagel sandwiches. It is not a place for the carb-conscious, but has some combination of fillings to suit just about anyone else.

    The pricing is somewhat deceptive. The pre-designed bagel sandwiches are reasonable, but with the prices of the individual fillings, a custom bagel can come to as much as six dollars.

    The bagels themselves come in a variety of flavors. The cheese bagels have cheese mixed all the way through them. They all have substance enough to hold their fillings well, but can sometimes border on stale.

    The menu also features the “bageldog,” a hotdog baked inside a sesame bagel, which turns out to be a successful if unique idea. The bagels do not come with sides, but are surprisingly satisfying on their own.

    For dessert there are chocolate and blueberry bagels, and a variety of sturdy but tasty fruit-and-cream-filled bagelish pastries. The soda machine is never watery.

    The service is only so-so, so I give the place three and a half stars out of five.