The prices may be daunting for those on a budget, but the quantity and quality for the money are both well above average. Although even one who eats only a main course at Dave & Busters will not feel hungry again for the rest of the day, the appetizers deserve a mention.

    The combination plate includes Buffalo wings and bacon potato wedges that taste exactly as one imagines they should when not faced with an imitation. Also available are mushrooms deep-fried in a crispy, flaky, buttery batter that adds to their flavor instead of replacing it.

    The menu includes beef and veggie burgers, steaks, chicken, and seafood, all of them juicy, well seasoned, and in extremely generous portions. The fish of the fish and chips is battered with the same care and balance as the appetizer mushrooms, and just enough seasoned salt baked in.

    Dave & Buster’s also has an enormous arcade area, a sort of Chucky Cheese that caters to adults as well, and it is frighteningly easy to spend the equivalent of several meals on it in an afternoon and hardly notice. Along with the classics, there are a few unusual games, including a multiplayer quiz show.

    A perfect special occasion treat, I give it five stars out of five.