For high-quality Italian food at low sit-down prices, Charlie’s Trio is the way to go. The meal begins with fresh garlic bread, never bland or too strong, with olive oil for dipping. Vegetarian options abound, but so do seafood, chicken, beef, and even veal.

    The lasagna, available with either meat or spinach, is thick, cheesy, and satisfying. The penne alla norma is an interesting and effective mix of eggplant, pine nuts, spinach, and other assorted vegetables in perfectly balanced marinara sauce. Rich cream sauce is liberally applied to the dishes that feature it, many of which, including the clam linguini, are pleasantly filling enough to be shared between two people.

    The ravioli, meat or cheese, is more parts sauce and fewer parts substance than the other items, but a bite of the actual pasta will dispel any feeling of regret or disappointment in one who orders it. Charlie’s also excels at pizzas, available in personal as well as family size.

    The restaurant itself is small with subdued lighting and soft, comfortable seating. The service is prompt and friendly. Without a single bad choice on its considerable and varied menu, I give it five stars out of five.