Although pricey, as good seafood always is, Cameron’s Seafood is well worth the sporadic or special occasion splurge.

    Featuring every usually eaten type of fish, including thick steaks of swordfish and other moderately hard-to-find species (in the economical and not the ecological sense, of course), it always rewards the challenging task of deciding, whatever the decision may be. All the varieties are perfectly seasoned to compliment their own individual flavors.

    While the sides could not be mistaken for more than that in the presence of the fish, the “smashed potatoes” in particular could easily overshadow the main dishes of other similar restaurants. The fish and chips achieve the elusive, delicate balance of the right fish to batter ratio.

    The menu has recently been expanded to include high-quality beefsteaks and burgers, and the restaurant also includes a fish market for cooking at home.

    The staff is cheerful and courteous, and the nautical atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. Expert in its field and all it dabbles in, I give Cameron’s Seafood five stars out of five.